Michael Peberdy


In 2012 things changed a lot for me. I moved to Geneve with my wife and we now live in the mountains in Switzerland where we enjoy the outdoors and many other activities. I created these websites in my spare time as something extra to do and in the case of the Windows Phone applications I taught myself C# to make use of the developer license I had. The websites and the apps I have made are ever evolving as I find more and more time and as my knowledge of the programming languages improve.

We live in the Jura mountains above lake Geneve and although we have not spent a full winter up here in the mountains, last winter we enjoyed going snowboarding every weekend. This summer we spent a lot of time walking and cycling in the area around us as well as going down to the lake for some wake boarding. I also competed in a few triathlons this year and have the aim to enter more next year and a long term goal to enter some an iron man.

Another of my shared interest with my wife is travel. We have traveled together to many places around Europe, we have done the Trans Siberian Railway (via Mongolia), crossed Tibet and toured New Zealand by car. We have many photos from these trips and even more memories.

You can keep track of some of our activities from Connect.Garmin below as well as keep an eye on the blog and photo albums.