Night snow shoe and Fondu in La Givrine

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Having lived in the mountains for a while now we have found that on the full moon in the winter it is very bright. You can see as if it was dawn or dusk (and sometimes even brighter than that). We had also heard that you can go out snow showing to a couple of restaurants in the evenings out across the snow.

This weekend we decided to do this with friends and it was a great experience. We rented our racquets in Les Rousse at a resonable EUR 7 per day and headed for Le Trelasse near La Givrine.


 It was a great night and the fondu was fantastic. They have a great selection of different fonu's and if you are there in a group you can try them all with their 3 fondu pot where a divider is placed in the fondu and then 3 different fondus come in the same pot. My personal favourite was the nut fondu which I was apprehensive about before hand but was so tastey.

Although the walk to this restaurant was not very far there is some forest around and so after you can go for a nice walk in the woods under the moonlight.

Hope you can try this and enjoy it as much as we did.

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Via Ferrata Morez

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Although I have been climbing for years (mostly sports climbing) Via Ferrata is not something I was aware of until I got to Switzerland. It is a form of climbing where there are wires, hand holds and foot holds of iron placed into the wall. While this is a little contentious as it involves a lot of manipulation to the rock faces it does open up the sports of climbing to more people.

Today we decided to go to the via ferrata in Morez. This is something we first heard about on the tourism website

It was easy to find a store in town that would hire us the gear and for the harness with all attachments and helmets it cost us just €18 per person. The via ferrata itself was free and located just at the edge of town.

This was a great day out. The site is really nicely set up with some benches and sun shelter at the bottom as well as having options for children and over energetic people.

This activity is not for the faint hearted, it can be both a little scary and challenging but the satisfaction of getting to the top and also the views of La Dole, Jura and over the Morez vally as you are climbing makes it totally worth this.

A great half day activity for friends and family that I would highly recommend within a short distance of lake Geneve.

Have fun.


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Traithlons in the Lake Geneva region

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A few years ago I got into traithlons in the UK and competed in a few. It was a great thing to train for and gave me so much satification when I finished all three legs of the event.

When I came to switzerland I also wanted to get back into these and started looking for events to do. At first I did not know where to look but a website that is great foa ll sporting events in Switzerland is . This website has running races, swimming, mountain biking and triathlons on it and also lists many international events as well.

From here I found the three Lake Geneva events that take place in quick succession each year. There is the International Triahtlon of Geneva, followed three weeks later by the Triathlon of Nyon and then a further two weeks later is the Traithlon of Lausanne. All three events are very well put on, with closed roads and lake swims. The websites and information for each can also be found in english and they cater well for the international community coming over to compete in these events.

When entering all of these events you do need to have either a day license or a year license to be able to race but these can either be purchased at entry, or on the day.

There are also plenty of traithlon clubs in the region that you can join for training help and motivation and the membership of these often includes a license.

Enjoy your traithlons and let me know if you are going to be racing in any of them this year or in coming years.

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Tour du Pays de Vaud running series in Vaud

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Today is the first race of the Tour du Pays de Vaud for the 2014 season.


This series is made up of both a Spring and summer series which have 3 and 5 races respectivly which are held in different villages at 7pm on wednesday evenings.

It is a great series that is very well organised. There is always plenty of parking spaces, marshals, road closures, sponsors and announcers at each event and there are always plenty of runners and spectators to give you the motivation needed to either finish or get a PB.

The races are held in:

  • Spring

    • Moudon

    • Yverdon-les-Bains

    • Yens

  • Summer

    • Penthaz

    • Mezieres

    • Chavornay

    • La Sarraz

    • Saint-Prex

You get the full race profile for each race and mor information on the nicly redesigned website at or you can sign up via the website.

Hope to see you at some of the races.

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Cycling on the Old Roman Road to St-Cergue

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St-Cergue is a great little town in the Jura above Nyon and is perfectly located for many outdoor activities during the winter and the summer.

With winter now over it is time to start cycling again and there are many trails and great roads to cycle on in the Jura around St-Cergue.

One trail which I do enjoy to ride is the Old Roman Road down from St-Cergue to Nyon.

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This trail follows the Old Roman road and crosses the main road at a few places.
There are still many of the old cobles in the trail and with plenty bumps and jumps it is great fun to make your way from top to bottom.

The views from the trail are also great with views of the lake and surrounding foothills and parts of the trail going through the forests.

Going back up this trail is much harder but thankfully there is a convenient little trail train that going back up from Nyon to St0Cergue that stops at many of the villages at the bottom of the mountain.

You need to purchase an extra ticket for the bike but this is much better than the tough cycle back to the top.

Enjoy this trail and many of the other great rides in the area.

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Lausanne Marathon in the Lake Geneva Reagion

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Lausanne Marathon

The last weekend in October is when Lausanne becomes the host for a big running event for the second time in the year.

Each year Lausanne host two weekends of running, the 20km of Lausanne weekend and the Marathon weekend. The marathon was held this year on Sunday the 27th of October and next year will be held on Sunday the 26th of October 2014.

The marathon weekend is a great day out in the Lake Geneva area. On a day when traditionally nothing is open you can go down to the finish line and find a few stalls and lots of people both supporting and running in the different races for the day. Or attend the expo and do some shopping for all your running needs.

As well as the Marathon there are many other races on the marathon weekend including,

  • ½ Marathon Handbike

  • Walking 10km

  • Nordic Walking 10KM

  • Marathon

  • Mini children A (2.6km)

  • Mini children B (4.2km)

  • 10 KM running

  • ½ Marathon Running

While it is late in the year and the weather can often feel like it is against you once you start racing you forget all about this.

The sense of achievement is great at the end of any of the disciplines and the atmosphere amongst both runners and supporters in fantastic.

Keep and eye on the website and be sure to enter at datasport as soon as you can for next year.

Course Map

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Rando Burger

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Rando Burger
If you like your Hamburgers and are in the Lake Geneva region then you need to try this place out. It is a great family run place in Saint-Cergue that combines a great atmosphere with great food.

Their menu is varied and offers great variety for everyone, from Garlic Bread Buns with burger fillings to the larger double patty burgers.

All burgers are made fresh in the centre of the restaurant in view and the staff are very friendly. They always want to say high and have a chat and on one occasion even reopened the grill for us when we arrived late with a group. The owner also enjoys going out and meeting the poeple who are eating here too.

Be sure the check their opening hours on their website and also be sure to check when they are on vacation. All information can be found on their website here or over on their facebook page.

Until you try this place you have not had the best burgers in the region.

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