Ant+ not connecting with Tacx Training Software.

Updated on , by Michael Peberdy

So, the other day I was sitting at my computer trying to get my Tacx training software to recognise my Vortex break. It was frustrating the hell out of me.

I tried updating windows, taking out the USB dongle and putting it in new ports, restarting the computer and installing new drivers.

Still none of this worked.

Deep down in some tech info from Tacx I found that actually the Garmin express program can hijack the Ant+ dongle.

The solution to this problem was to simply close Garmin express (fully close, not just let it run in the background) and then instantly, the Tacx software found my Break and head unit.

Problem solved. Hope this helps save a few poeple pulling their hair out.



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Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor

Updated on , by Michael Peberdy

Recently I was trying for the first time since getting my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to display m screen out to my tv. With previous computers it was quite simple, I would just plug in a regular monitor cable into both my vcomputer and my TV and then also an audio cable so the the sound would come out through my suround sound system.

However, with my new Surface, this posed a problem as the device only has a mini display port. I therfore went looking for an alternative.

While searching I found the Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor that runsd on mirorcast on the US website for Microsoft.

This device is so simple to use. Yopu just plug it in to both the HDMI port on your computer and then a USD port for power (can be either on the tv or direct to a power outlet) and it is ready to go. As soon as you change to the correct channel on your TV it will start activating and then you can connect your compatible devices to it.

The device receives both video and audio and actually allows you to continue using your wifi connection at the same time.

A small problem I found with getting this device is that it is not yet released in Europe and so finding reputable places to buy it can be more difficult. Here in switzerland I puirchased it from and although it took longer to deliver than they advertised it arrived quick enough and I am now enjoyuing the benifits of this device.

I would recomend the device for anyone with a windows 8 device and the packaging also says that this is compatible with android also.


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Problems connecting your account with outlook 2013

Updated on , by Michael Peberdy

Recently I was trying to add my account to outlook 2013 on my serface pro 3.

I thought this should be an easy process, an microsfot outlook account to connecrt and sync in a microsoft programe on a microsoft device.
Well, it was not as easy as one might thinhk. I was entering in my password and the details and it kept coming up that the password was incorrect and would not set up.

I later found that it is actually due to my two step verification that I set up. If you have also set this up this is likely to be the cause for the problem and to resolve it is very easy.

You will need to go into your microsoft account settings and in the security info you will find an option for the "app pasword".

It is actually this app password that you will need to enter as your password if you want to add your account as the app password replaces your normal password as part of your security.

I hope this has helped you add your accounts.


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Review for Wenger Portable solar panel

Updated on , by Michael Peberdy

Recently I purchased a Wenger Portable Solar Panel and battery pack.

This was for my Tour du Mont Blanc trip where we were planning to camp most of the way and I knew I would not be able to rely on power outlets for charging my head tourch and my phone.

The other reviews I read on this product all seemed to highly rate it and so I purchased it and headed out for 10 days of walkings.

The product is a lightweight flexible solar panel that says it is also weather proof and it comes with a battery pack to charge with the panel and some cables to attach to all your devices. There are also some handy straps to attach it to almost anywhere. All of these features were well thought out and very useful.

The problem I had was that while I was walking even when the panel was directly in the sun all day it would only charge the battery pack to about 1 third full.

The battery pack worked great. In a short amount of time it would fully charge my phone, although this would deplete the pack. You can also charge the pack from the mains which I was able to do a couple of times.

My verdict on this product is that the battery pack is great, light weight and fast to charge and power up devices but the solar panel is not worth is.

Maybe you have had a better experiance and wish to share it but for me this product is now firmly packed away.



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Get windows to register your new SSD

Updated on , by Michael Peberdy

So toy have just installed a new SSD drive in your computer and you are wondering why it is not showing up in My Computer when you go looking for it even though it appears in your BIOS just fine.

Well, the fact that it is showing up in the BIOS shows that you have correctly installed it and that you are almost there in relation to being able to use your brand new drive.

You need to go to "Disk Management" for the final step. This can be reached by either right clicking on "My Computer" and going to "Manage" and selecting "Disk Management" from there as per the image below

or by using the "windows key + x" shortcut and going to the "Disk Management" from there.

Once here you will see all your drive including the new one and this is where the final step takes place. You need to right click on your new drive and select "New Simple Volume" from the menu.

This will bring you to a very self explicit wizard that will walk you through the final steps of assigning a name and a drive letter to you new drive.

And there you have it, your new hard drive will now be visable for use on your computer.


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The Complete National Geographic

Updated on , by Michael Peberdy

National Geographic

The Complete National Geographic edition is a great gift for either yourself or any other person that loves to read the national geographic.

It gives you every issue of the magazine scanned in high definition from day 1 all accessible from your computer.

Now, although this is a great product with lots of useful and fun tools to find articles you would like to read the programme can be a little bit glitch.

On an older computer I had problems with the programme constantly freezing and this stopped me from being able to smoothly navigate the menus, games and magazine issues.
With the purchase of a new computer this fixed most of the freezing issues but there still remains some problems.

The Geosearch feature while sounding great does not seem to work in reality. It would be nice to see this fixed as it would make it a lot easier to find articles you might like to read.

All of this being said the articles all look great and to be able to go back to start of the magazine history and read you way through it is great fun.

Also, if you have enough space on your computer you can install all of the issues to it so that you can use the programme disc free.

I would highly recommend this programme to others.

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Google Images search not working properly in Internet Explorer 10/11

Updated on , by Michael Peberdy

For a while now I have had problems with the Images search from the google website. The search would load and show a range of images but I would not be able to enlarge them or open the original page from the search window.

After much searching and playing around with the settings in internet explorer I have found the problem. It was the google toolbar that was causing this problem.


By disabling the google toolbar I was able to get the images search in google to work again.
I also just tried playing with the settings within the toolbar itself but could not get this to work.

I have used the google toolbar for many years and thought that it would be a great loss but having just downloaded the Bing toolbar I realise that I have most of the things I need directly from it.

Download Bing

I mostly used the google toolbar for the page translation services. The Bing page translator appears to work faster and more often than the google toolbar one and I still have weather and Facebook links from it. Also included is a Skype link in the toolbar.

By allowing address bar searching and leaving the default search engine as google I have also been able to keep the quick google search functions I had been use to.

Enjoy using both Bing and Google for the best experience online in Internet Explorer.

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GeForce Graphics drivers causing problems in Windows 8 - constant installs required?

Updated on , by Michael Peberdy

So for a long time after upgrading to windows 8 I has problems with my GeForce graphics drivers. I was constantly getting a stuttering metro experience and my internet explorer 10 was hanging whenever I tried to open it.

I found that the issue was with the graphics drivers and with a fresh install of my graphics drivers everything would work properly... until I restarted or ran a windows update.

After the frustration this caused I thought that the problem might just have been in my old graphics card so I purchased a new one only to find the problem persisted.

I found many people on forums had the same problem but there were not many solutions out there. In the end I found it was a rather rooky mistake that had been made. I had some rather old overclocking software on the computer that came with my rather old motherboard and also the graphics card I was no longer using. Once uninstalling all the old software and drivers and installing only the newest versions of the required software and drivers I have not had any further problems.

Hope you find this of use.

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Windows 8.1 update crashes

Updated on , by Michael Peberdy

As a lot of people will be aware Windows 8.1 was released last week and the update is free for all those who already have a copy of Windows 8.

You should be able to find the update in the windows store and if you can you can click this link from your windows 8 device.

Now, as the title suggests I had some issues with my update (and I might add I am not the only person to have had issues with my update). It crashed at 73% Getting devices ready...

After leaving the computer overnight I powered it off and restarted it. This reverted windows back to my previous Windows 8.0 version.

To fix this issue you to do two things. Do a fresh install of your graphics card driver and also unplug all unneeded peripherals (leaving only your keyboard and mouse).

This will then allow the Windows 8.1 update to be implemented and after your first load of the new OS you will be able to plug back in all your devices.


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Windows 8 Apps not installing and stay as pending

Updated on , by Michael Peberdy

Windows 8 has some great features and one of these is the ability to know which apps I have previously downloaded across all my computers even after a complete system install.

Recently though I had the problem of the apps just staying in the installation panel of marketplace saying "Pending..." and not actually downloading.

To solve this problem you need to go to troubleshooting as per the image below

From here you need select Fix problems with windows updates. You might need to run this a second time selecting to run it as an administrator. You will get a notification that it has fixed the problems with the update library.

Once you have done this you can return to the marketplace and select "try again" on the apps that were previously "Pending..."

Enjoy all your great apps again on Windows 8.

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Change Windows 8 from 32bit to 64bit

Updated on , by Michael Peberdy

You might want to upgrade your computer operating system from 32bit to 64bit for many different reasons. And the process is rather straight forward.

Before considering if this is something that you need to do you need to be aware that the only way to do this is to do a complete install on your computer. This will remove all data from your computer. You will also need your product registration key.

1) On your 64bit machine you will need to follow this link to Microsoft.

2) Click the Install Image and run the install programme. Don't worry, this will not re-install windows 8 on your 64bit machine. This will just allow us to get a 64bit version of the OS. If you were to try and do this step from your 32bit machine you would just get a 32bit version of the OS again

3) Select install by creating media and then select if you want to install onto a USB/memory card or DVD. You might need to format the media that the installation media is being installed to.

4) Now you can take your media containing the 64bit install package and run it on your 32bit machine. Remember, to change to 64bit you will erase all information on your computer.

Enjoy your new 64bit version of Windows 8!

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