Review for Wenger Portable solar panel

Updated on , by Michael Peberdy

Recently I purchased a Wenger Portable Solar Panel and battery pack.

This was for my Tour du Mont Blanc trip where we were planning to camp most of the way and I knew I would not be able to rely on power outlets for charging my head tourch and my phone.

The other reviews I read on this product all seemed to highly rate it and so I purchased it and headed out for 10 days of walkings.

The product is a lightweight flexible solar panel that says it is also weather proof and it comes with a battery pack to charge with the panel and some cables to attach to all your devices. There are also some handy straps to attach it to almost anywhere. All of these features were well thought out and very useful.

The problem I had was that while I was walking even when the panel was directly in the sun all day it would only charge the battery pack to about 1 third full.

The battery pack worked great. In a short amount of time it would fully charge my phone, although this would deplete the pack. You can also charge the pack from the mains which I was able to do a couple of times.

My verdict on this product is that the battery pack is great, light weight and fast to charge and power up devices but the solar panel is not worth is.

Maybe you have had a better experiance and wish to share it but for me this product is now firmly packed away.



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