Problems connecting your account with outlook 2013

Updated on , by Michael Peberdy

Recently I was trying to add my account to outlook 2013 on my serface pro 3.

I thought this should be an easy process, an microsfot outlook account to connecrt and sync in a microsoft programe on a microsoft device.
Well, it was not as easy as one might thinhk. I was entering in my password and the details and it kept coming up that the password was incorrect and would not set up.

I later found that it is actually due to my two step verification that I set up. If you have also set this up this is likely to be the cause for the problem and to resolve it is very easy.

You will need to go into your microsoft account settings and in the security info you will find an option for the "app pasword".

It is actually this app password that you will need to enter as your password if you want to add your account as the app password replaces your normal password as part of your security.

I hope this has helped you add your accounts.


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