Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor

Updated on , by Michael Peberdy

Recently I was trying for the first time since getting my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to display m screen out to my tv. With previous computers it was quite simple, I would just plug in a regular monitor cable into both my vcomputer and my TV and then also an audio cable so the the sound would come out through my suround sound system.

However, with my new Surface, this posed a problem as the device only has a mini display port. I therfore went looking for an alternative.

While searching I found the Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor that runsd on mirorcast on the US website for Microsoft.

This device is so simple to use. Yopu just plug it in to both the HDMI port on your computer and then a USD port for power (can be either on the tv or direct to a power outlet) and it is ready to go. As soon as you change to the correct channel on your TV it will start activating and then you can connect your compatible devices to it.

The device receives both video and audio and actually allows you to continue using your wifi connection at the same time.

A small problem I found with getting this device is that it is not yet released in Europe and so finding reputable places to buy it can be more difficult. Here in switzerland I puirchased it from and although it took longer to deliver than they advertised it arrived quick enough and I am now enjoyuing the benifits of this device.

I would recomend the device for anyone with a windows 8 device and the packaging also says that this is compatible with android also.


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